3 ways Exizent can help overcome resourcing issues for teams managing probate

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Resourcing issues are a very real thing in every sector – particularly those that rely on timely action to provide the best customer service. Sectors like legal probate.

In a sector under considerable strain – particularly due to the aftermath of COVID bringing a stark number of unexpected deaths and unorganised estate affairs – none of those scenarios sound ideal for yourself, for the client in question or for those that get brought into the process. So, what’s the alternative?

  1. Exizent lets you share case knowledge, data and documents at the click of a button

    The Exizent digital dashboard allows users to save all asset values, documents, court and IHT forms, and information about the people involved in a case in one centralised, secure cloud location. With our permissions feature, if you’re suddenly short of a staff member working on a case, the company admin can easily assign another colleague to begin working on that case – giving them the ability to view all previous activity, without a lengthy handover and the need to cipher through numerous documents stored in a number of different places. What’s more, Exizent standardises the process so it’s easy for an individual to pick up and understand someone else’s work, as it’s created and saved in the same way as every other case.

  2. You don’t need to have legal knowledge to use the platform

    The Exizent system has been carefully created to allow administrative staff such as paralegals and legal secretaries to easily manage the admin processes involved in bereavement, like recording assets and updating values as they are received and generating forms. This leaves skilled professionals with the time to focus on more complex or sensitive tasks like managing tax implications and having client discussions, as well as sanity checking values and forms before submission so that their professional time and expertise is used where their skillset can add most value.

  3. You can speed up the time intensive processes involved in bereavement handling, to save time when you need it most

As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder”. Exizent helps speed up the process of identifying assets and liabilities in an estate via our Estate discovery feature. It also prepopulates your case data in numerous court and IHT forms and lays out a consistent, efficient way of managing your cases from start to finish. This means you spend less time on repetitive data re-entry tasks between systems and forms to make the best use of your available time, so your case handling becomes more efficient for you and your client.

In a bid to offer a smoother and simpler bereavement process for everyone involved, we’d love to show you how our software can help enhance your business’s estate administration process by reducing your workload and speeding up your resolution speeds when time and resource is limited. Book a free demo of our system to find out how.


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