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3 easy changes to make in 2019 instead of hard-to-keep New Year’s resolutions

QuillBy Legal Futures’ Associate Quill [1]

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, with the majority of people failing to stick to them for longer than a few weeks. That’s because they’re often too vague or too monumental.

While resolutions tend to centre on your personal goals, usually involving losing weight, exercising and saving more, they’re important from a business perspective too.

You see, there are innovative ways to enhance your professional life and significantly impact your success. Where software and outsourcing services are concerned, making good choices about your supplier, learning to use technology better and switching to an outsourced set-up can lead to increased efficiencies and reduced costs. That means you save time and money, both of which are positively reflected on your bottom line.

Here are three alternative, easy-to-keep changes that you can make in 2019…

1. Sign up to Quill’s complete software range comprising case management [2], legal accounting [3] and document management [4] functionality. Not only is it surprising affordable, effortless to implement and straightforward to use, it’s constantly being developed, boasts a complimentary technical support package and a host of free user tips every single month to help you master every new or enhanced feature. Whether you’re progressing matters, controlling monies or managing digital files, rely on robust technology throughout your organisation to do so.

2. Outsource your core administrative functions to Quill including cashiering [5], payroll [6] and typing [7]. Outsourcing is a proven way of lowering your expenditure, comes with an always-in promise for business continuity and a whole plethora of other advantages, not least the ability to focus your energies on the areas of your business that need it the most. Just imagine how much more money you can make with someone reliable (yup, that’s Quill!) to take over your non-income-generating tasks.

3. Adopt positive business attitudes and actions, with assistance from your trusted supplier (that’s us, by the way!), as this can make the crucial difference between succeeding and failing. With the right provider behind you, keep your priorities straight and protect your valuable assets – your cases, finances, data and clients. You never know, you may even take a leaf out of Quill’s book and find ways of your company giving back to the community around you by operating smarter and opening your eyes to charitable opportunities.

Start 2019 as you mean to go on by contacting Quill today. You’re only an email (info@quill.co.uk [8]) or phone call (0161 236 2910) away from strengthening your business for the year and years ahead.