Tiger Eye webinar: LOCS:23 – the ICO-approved accreditation for legal service providers

30th April 2024 at 11:00 am - Online

Tiger Eye has launched a new online event for all compliance and information professionals in the legal sector, highlighting a key change in the industry: the introduction of LOCS:23. The free webinar, produced in partnership with Oyster IMS, will help legal professionals to understand how this new movement could impact their work – and benefit their firm.

Launched in 2024, LOCS:23 is the only ICO-approved certification (and set of standards) for legal service providers, which ensures UK GDPR requirements are met, and reflects best practice for protecting client personal data. LOCS:23 serves as the gold standard for data privacy and security, providing legal firms with a comprehensive framework to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding client information.