Shieldpay: The future of account verification

26th October 2022 at 2:00 pm - Online

James Varga, CEO & Founder of DirectID, and Pete Janes, CEO & Founder of Shieldpay, get together to discuss the history of account verification, sharing past challenges faced and presenting a new incredible use case, powered by open banking.

What you’ll learn

In this open discussion, James and Peter will talk through the past, present and future of account verification, delving into the world of Open Banking and the many applications of this burgeoning system. They will go into topics such as:

  • What is Open Banking, why was it introduced and what are the applications of the initiative?
  • What have been the historical challenges with verifying account ownership?
  • How can Open Banking be used to address key challenges in high volume transactions, such as compliance and fraud prevention?
  • What might be the next evolution of Open Banking and how can there be further developments to improve the digital payments process?