Quill: How to master difficult conversations

21st October 2021 at 1:00 pm - Online

Our QUILL UNCOVERS webinar series continues in October with ‘How to master difficult conversations’ run by Jo Andrews and Katie Boston from The Training Rock. Be sure to register now! And watch our earlier webinars on ‘A step-by-step guide to LinkedIn for partners‘, ‘Secrets from real partners on the tech you really need‘ and ‘15-step guide to starting your own law firm‘.

Let’s face it, no one likes conflict. Unfortunately, challenges in the workplace happen and don’t magically go away if ignored. They can be tough to deal with and can leave us feeling anxious, frustrated, angry or all three.

quill webinar

What can be done?

Enter our next QUILL UNCOVERS webinar on mastering difficult conversations. Join us on 21st October and learn from Team Builders Jo Andrews and Katie Boston from The Training Rock who’ll show leaders in law the best and most-human approach to managing clients, colleagues and, even, family.

Our guest speakers Jo and Katie will demonstrate how to see tricky chats as opportunities to progress, rather than shying away from them (which gets you nowhere) or handling them poorly (which makes matters worse).

As part of our complimentary training session, you’ll also get free access to a TRAIT test to help you better understand your own personality and behaviours which serve you and those which get in your way, as well as seeing differences between people, embracing our uniqueness and learning to navigate our dissimilarities.

Jo and Katie will impart tips on what causes conflict in the first place, advise what your options are in these scenarios, and share a framework to ensure that your message is clear, correct and heard to reintroduce harmony into your relationships.

The result?

By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a good grasp of why people respond in different ways to the same situations and view difficult conversations – whether with a teammate, family member, friend or customer – as a chance for everyone concerned to move forward positively.