Quill: Guide to managed transcription: how Quill Type works

19th May 2022 at 1:00 pm - Online

Are you looking to improve your law firm’s efficiency? Could outsourcing could be a smart option? Join us to find out how to run your law firm efficiently, profitably, and securely with our Quill Type smartphone dictation app and typing bureau.

We’ll be joined by guest speakers who will share their own experience of reducing admin overheads by up to 40% using typing and transcription support. They will also offer valuable top tips for making outsourced typing services work for your law firm.

We’ll cover:

General industry trends towards outsourcing including transcription, cashiering, IT and post room facilities
Emergence of centralised secretarial teams and the impact on law firm efficiency
How to analyse if your current support / admin staff are deployed in the ‘right role’ at the ‘right cost’​
How outsourcing can supplement the positive elements of your existing support structures
Cultural impact of outsourcing transcription and document production, and how the pandemic has changed perceptions
Best practices around document production to expedite turnaround times – in as little as one hour

Quill outsourced typing webinar