Perfect Portal: Streamline client reviews through smart technology (New Perfect Portal & ReviewSolicitors integration)

18th February 2021 - Online

Join Perfect Portal’s latest webinar in partnership with Michael Hanney, founder of ReviewSolicitors.

During this webinar we will be:

• Showcasing the advantages that the ReviewSolicitors platform can bring to your firm
• Demonstrating the benefits of collecting reviews & how it can improve SEO
• Discussing how this integration promotes additional conveyancing leads for your firm
• Presenting how the integration works & what it looks like
• Explaining why an integrated review-based system saves time whilst enhancing brand awareness

We will also have Joe Holmes, Relationship Manager from Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors, who will be sharing his insight into how his firm have streamlined their reviewing systems; enhancing the visibility of positive reviews through cross-channel integration whilst saving their clients and fee-earners time in the process.