Osprey Approach: Strategic priorities for SME law firms: How modern law firms can stay competitive and improve long-term success

22nd June 2023 at 10:00 am - Online

To stay competitive, modern law firms need to implement effective business habits that help to streamline legal operations and improve long-term success.

In our seventh episode of our Build Better Habits webinar series, we’re going to deep dive into the stats and insights of the LPM Frontiers Report. The comprehensive analysis will help us to understand the strategic business plans of SMEs and the impact that’ll have on their habits and processes. Join us and our expert guests as we discuss the priorities of SMEs, the habits firms need to adopt to stay competitive, legal technology investment plans, and cultural changes.

Host, Amy Bruce, Marketing Manager at Osprey, will be joined by: • Rupert Collins-White, Co-CEO, LPM

  • Sarah Charlton, CEO, Eaton-Evans & Morris
  • Sophie Holdsworth, Operations Manager, Farnworth Rose

To find out more about our Build Better Habits webinar series and our on-demand and upcoming episodes, please visit: https://ospreyapproach.com/build-successful-business-habits/