Nuix: Recording and Reviewing Online Meetings for eDiscovery Professionals

18th August 2020 - Online

COVID-19 has led to a huge increase in online meetings around the world, as companies large and small have been forced to adapt to remote working setups. During this webinar, we’ll look at the stats, intersections between online meetings and other data sources—notably chat and email—and some of the challenges facing legal, technical, and review teams. We’ll also talk about the parallels between audio and video along with a sample workflow for dealing with chat, audio, and video.

If you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions recently, this webinar is for you:

  • What meetings should your organization record? Are there data privacy, HR, or other issues?
  • Where is meeting recording data stored and how is it collected or retrieved?
  • How can we optimize and standardize recordings for review?
  • How much time will it take to review recordings?