Minerva: A conversation with Sarah Keegan from the CS Partnership

9th June 2022 at 10:00 am - Online

In this short webinar, we have partnered CS Partnership Director, Sarah Keegan.

These short snappy, chatty gatherings are our way of bringing to you the experts in their field, a conversation on the things that matter to our sector – how we can continue to grow and manage the pain points, celebrate the challenges, and achieve great things both firm wide and with clients.

The CS Partnership  has been around for over 9 years now, specialising in change management and process re-engineering for law firms. In that time they have helped create and build 100s of processes for their clients. And they continue to evolve. With new partners and integrations on the horizon, they are looking to add more services and solutions to help our clients further

Service, innovation and best practice. All key for the fast-paced demanding world we live in.

But, just how is everyone doing with hybrid-working, juggling new demands with a growing and more  informed client base and new legislation appearing?
Join Sarah and Richard for a lively morning break discussing how teams and departments can be more effective and efficient, how the conveyancing market is ever-changing and evolving, the new Economic Crime Act bill and so much more!