Legl: Optimising Law Firm Operations with Integrated Payments and Case Management

7th September 2022 at 12:30 pm - Online

The pandemic brought about a flurry of activity from law firms looking to digitise their processes and manage workloads remotely. Due to the urgency of investing in different tools to support new ways of working, a common outcome was multiple disjointed systems for business processes, e-meetings, case management, and compliance – all working in silos.

Integrating your existing systems allows data to flow freely, allowing rapid access to the tools and information that law firms need. But that doesn’t mean investment into an entirely new software suite – with a rapidly changing economic landscape, there’s a way to address disjointed tech with minimal commitment.

Join Marcus Dacombe, Head of Product Marketing at Access Legal, and Lauren Watson, Director of Partnerships at Legl, as they dive into the benefits of integrating your existing legaltech systems, including:

  • Streamlining processes to reduce admin work
  • Eliminating the potential for human error
  • Increasing the rate at which your firm gets paid
  • Creating end-to-end visibility across your client base
  • Having a single source of truth