Legl: Law Society of Scotland Seminar: How Legaltech Drives Efficiencies in the Client Lifecycle and Across the Firm

1st March 2022 at 1:00 pm - Online

Operational inefficiency is costing law firms. Manual processes create pains for firms–and for potential clients–which open the firm up to a loss in efficiency, a potential loss of business, and exposure to risk.

Modern, digital-first law firms use legaltech solutions to drive efficiencies throughout their client lifecycle and across the firm. Understanding client data allows firms to make better business decisions so they can drive growth opportunities and unlock revenue potential.

This seminar is free to attend. Delegates do not need to have any prior knowledge to attend.

In this seminar, we explore:

  • Engaging with clients effectively and efficiently, powered by better data insights that help to identify bottlenecks in processes, track key performance indicators, and more
  • Implementing simple, scalable and automated digital processes to free up time and reduce risk
  • Offering methods for collecting payments that are not only faster but which are reconciled easier, freeing up cash flow and delivering funds for investment
  • Identifying new opportunities for scaling client work and delivering more services with higher client satisfaction across the board