Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM): Legal Finance Management Forum

15th March 2023 at 10:00 am - Online

Law Firm Employees – Attract, Train & Retain – panellists Richard Hill, Richard Hooper & Vanessa Challess talk on the subject of employee attraction through wellbeing, training and support to mitigate risk and retain talent.

It’s a candidates’ market out there, and the legal industry has been crying out for more legal finance professionals than ever before with distinct gaps in firms and outsourced agencies struggling to keep up with supply and demand.

Experienced legal cashiers, for example, are hard to come by and discussions on pros and cons of recruiting non-legal bookkeepers, and paying for their studies + training is a topical one. Leaders in law firms and those heading up finance teams and compliance, have not only got to keep on top of cashflow for healthy profits, stay compliant + cyber secure, with ever evolving digitisation, but keep staff motivated, whilst looking after their wellbeing (that’s the buzz for PII renewals at the moment!).

The ILFM was founded in 1978 to provide help, support and guidance to you and we continue to do that. Being an ILFM member is not just about training, education, or compliance – it’s about being part of a growing and vibrant community of legal finance and practice management professionals.

Join us for an hour or so, of relaxed and informal discussions with our guest speakers.