Insight Legal: How can Workflows optimise your law firm productivity?

7th October 2021 at 12:00 pm - Online

The workflow capabilities of Insight Legal create a supportive and guiding framework for your law firm staff.  A workflow ensures that tasks are set and completed when needed, that escalations happen as and when required, that actions are taken automatically where processes can be automated, and – importantly – that the right balance of flexibility and control is applied.

– Reduce delays by speeding up processes
– Automate actions where possible, using your time and expertise where it’s most needed
– Ensure the workflow path is clearly defined with Task actions for self and others, along with timely reminders
– Reduce risk by clearly defining actions and responsibilities, with in-built escalation processes to ensure compliance
– Effortlessly capture all time spent with automatic time recording as defined by you
– Maintain a complete electronic case file with no effort, as emails and documents automatically save instantly to matters
– Streamline outside processes such as ordering property searches, with inbuilt steps at the relevant point of a case
– Integrate all areas of the system for truly streamlined working, with legal forms, creation of diary appointments, posting requests and much more, all available as workflow steps
– Ensure staff have the relevant guidance and all the necessary tools at their fingertips, even when working remotely