InfoTrack: Understanding Restrictive Covenants with CLS

23rd November 2021 at 11:00 am - Online

Restrictive covenants can be an extremely complex area of the conveyancing process, covering a wide range of issues. They are legal and binding obligations written into a seller’s property deeds or contract, determining what a homeowner can or cannot do with their property under particular circumstances. Steve Johnson, National Key Account Manager at CLS Property Insight, explores the different restrictive covenants that property solicitors may encounter and how to process them effectively to keep transactions moving.

During the 45-minute webinar, Steve covers the following topics:
– What is a Restrictive Covenant, and why are they in place?
– Examples of typical Restrictive Covenants.
– Investigate vs. insure – considerations for conveyancers.
– CLS Property Insight and Restrictive Covenant indemnity policies.

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