InfoTrack: The Digital Conveyancing Summit

28th September 2022 - Online

At this year’s summit, we’ll be helping conveyancers to continue ‘moving with technology’. The pace of change has been incredibly fast, and it’s happened amid already challenging circumstances for the legal industry. Yet many law firms have not just survived, they’ve adopted technologies that have helped them move ahead.

Whether it’s managing risk and improving compliance, or driving productivity to deliver profit or a better work-life balance, tech has become critical to the successful operations of modern conveyancing teams. Our aim here is to help you learn from the expertise and experiences of others so that your business can realise the same benefits.

This event is being hosted by InfoTrack a specialist provider of digital conveyancing services. While we may host some of the sessions, the speakers and panellist have all been selected from external organisations. The event is open to all conveyancers and their colleagues and you do not have to be a client of InfoTrack to benefit from joining.