InfoTrack: Stress-Free Digital AP1 Submissions: Navigating Shared Ownership Properties, Deeds of Variations, and Restrictions

16th August 2023 at 11:00 am - Online

Residential transactions come in all shapes and sizes, each presenting its own set of challenges. It’s crucial to be able to address even the most challenging scenarios with finesse in your digital post completion tool. These include transactions where clients wish to purchase additional shares in a shared ownership property or navigating through trickier deals involving properties with restrictions.

With InfoTrack’s digital post completion tool, handling these complex transactions needn’t present a challenge. Join us at 11:00 am to discover how to overcome these situations to promptly submit your AP1 form. During the session, we’ll share valuable insights, including:

How to effectively register and remove restrictions using InfoTrack
Understanding the various stages of the staircasing process and successfully submitting applications in InfoTrack
What tools you can use in InfoTrack to help you submit Deeds of Variation