InfoTrack: Post-Completion in 5 Minutes

8th February 2023 at 11:00 am - Online

What could your team be doing with the time they currently spend on monotonous post-completion tasks? Having pioneered the digitisation of SDLTs and AP1s back in 2016, InfoTrack has continually developed our tools to the extent that users can now complete their AP1s in as little as 5 minutes, freeing them up to work on higher-value tasks.

Join us on Wednesday, 8th February, as we demonstrate how we deliver this through:

  • Automatic linking of returned SDLT5s to your AP1
  • Inbuilt data mapping that pre-populates up to 90% of your AP1 form for you
  • CMS integrations that reduce the need for rekeying data and minimises the risk of human error


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