InfoTrack: Contract of Sale: Send Contract Packs in Seconds!

21st February 2024 at 11:00 am - Online

Contract Packs can be unwieldy files to manage: Compiling multiple documents in one platform, saving to the matter and Case Management System, and then downloading to your desktop before emailing on to the purchaser’s solicitor doesn’t feel like an intuitive way of doing things…
Not only is this process slow and cumbersome, it also:
❌ Leaves files sitting unprotected on desktops
❌ Introduces the risk of the wrong files being sent to clients
❌ Means searching through email to prove that a pack has been sent

Join us on Wednesday 21 February to explore how InfoTrack’s new Contract Sharing functionality, enables you to send your Contract Pack directly from the Platform, meaning:
✅ Contract Packs arrive with purchasers’ solicitors more quickly
✅ You have a complete audit trail within InfoTrack,
✅ Your desktop stays free of unnecessary client files.