InfoTrack: Commercial Real Estate: Core ESG and Climate change

7th June 2023 at 2:00 pm - Online

ESG (environmental, social, governance) is creating new risks and opportunities for all sectors of our economy, including commercial property and law. We now have ESG ratings, ESG funds, ESG laws and ESG lawyers.

Law firms are increasingly having to demonstrate their ESG policies and credentials to bid for work and remain on panels. Perhaps the most critical of all ESG risks is climate change because it is an existential risk.

Businesses that fail to understand its impact on asset value – estimated by the Bank of England to exceed £525bn by 2050 – are taking an unnecessary risk. Lawyers that fail to warn their clients about climate risk are falling short of their professional duties with potentially serious consequences.

Stephen Sykes, Head of Climate, Environmental and Sustainability at Capital Law and Member of the City of London Law Society’s new ESG Group, will explain the relationship between climate and ESG. He will also address what lawyers should be doing to comply with the Law Society’s new climate guidance. He will be joined by Andrew Crawshaw, Senior Account Manager from Groundsure, and together they will discuss:

– understanding climate change
– why climate change matters to commercial real estate businesses
– how to discharge your climate legal duties
– introducing climate searches – ClimateIndexTM
– what the future looks like

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