ILFM: Practice Management: Strategy, Leadership & Finance

4th October 2023 - Online

This training is designed to provide practical advice, tools to handle the difficult situations and the opportunity to discuss challenges.

The training will:

  • Enable you to develop your knowledge as part of your educational pathway, and support your career development.
  • Get you thinking, developing expertise and innovation.
  • Provide practical advice from a highly experienced former Managing Partner with hands on knowledge of the challenges faced in any management role.
  • Give you an opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues and increase your professional connections.


  • Strategy
  • Starting from the right place
  • Contents – what to include
  • A ‘how to’ guide for pulling it all together
  • Stress testing your strategy

Leadership & Management

  • What is it?
  • A model of law firm culture
  • Emotional intelligence, your personality profile and its impact
  • 9 attributes of the best firms


  • How do law firms make money?
  • ‘Good’ management information
  • 3 key rules
  • Why jobs go wrong