ILFM: Law Firm Management Forum

23rd April 2024 at 12:30 pm - Online

The ILFM’s forums for law firm staff in Finance, Compliance, HR, Practice Management, and of course Lawyers who want to stay up to date with lastest in the business aspects of the practice.

TOPIC of conversation: risk, regulations, compliance and ethics.

Our panel of speakers include Brian Rogers (Regulatory Director at Access Group), David Weaver (Head of Legal Services at NatWest), and Colin Taylor (Director at Howden Insurance).

This event is NOT recorded and is NOT a presesntation. It’s a “fireside” chat with discussions, debates and updates.

The ILFM was founded in 1978 to provide help, support and guidance to you and we continue to do that. Being an ILFM member is not just about training, education, or compliance – it’s about being part of a growing and vibrant community of legal finance, compliance and practice management professionals. If you aren’t a member yet, you can read more about the ILFM’s membership HERE.