iCompli: Data Privacy Legislation, GDPR, CASL… How to keep up (and remain compliant!) with an ever-changing regulatory landscape

5th December 2022 at 5:00 pm - Online

Across the world privacy legislation is exploding in complexity. The UK has the Data Protection Act, GDPR is the European equivalent and Canada has its Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Now the US is following suit and as of July 2022, California, Colorado, Utah, Virginia and Connecticut had already signed state data privacy legislation into law and a further five north eastern states have draft legislation in committee.

The consequence of this increase in legislation is that the burden on firms to manage data (both electronic and paper) is growing exponentially. As are the risks associated with not doing so compliantly and consistently – regardless of whether your firm has one office in Colorado or London, or 50 offices spread across the globe!

During this ILTA Product Briefing Chris Giles and Kandace Donovan will demonstrate what we believe to be the most comprehensive and cost-effective IG platform on the market. They will show how iCompli can streamline the review cycle of (of both physical and electronic documents) by:

  • Helping firms manage (electronic and paper) data consistently when it is held across numerous systems. Of course, the DMS and time and billing applications, but also in MS Teams and FileShares for example.
  • Enabling collaboration and buy in to asset governance throughout the firm. (As let’s face it, even the best policies and processes will not be followed unless you make it easy for people to do what needs to be done).