Tikit: Free seminar – How to use Microsoft Teams to keep your team connected

23rd March 2020 - Online

Keeping your team connected whilst they are all working from home is as important for their morale as it is your business. So, if like lots of organisations, Microsoft Teams has just been a tile on your workforce’s desktop or a button on the toolbar in Outlook that is largely ignored, now is the time to start using it!

The training team at Tikit will be delivering a short virtual seminar on the 23 March, 2020 (2pm GMT / 10am EDT) on how Microsoft Teams can help you and your colleagues to stay in touch.

We plan to show you the basics and some tips on its effective use, including:

  • How to set up a team in Microsoft Teams
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Joining a meeting (and some of the tools available during a meeting)
  • How to record a meeting and share
  • How to add contacts and start a chat