Exterro: Why should European Legal Departments consider Insourcing e-discovery?

12th November 2020 - Online

According to Exterro’s In-House Legal Benchmarking Report, corporate legal departments are holding onto more work that may have once been passed along to law firms. Exterro’s The State of E-Discovery 2020 research, which compiled data from several different legal reports, found that 50% of legal departments now have built-in e-discovery services.

Many companies that have been named ACC champions have insourced e-discovery. Notably, AbbVie Inc., which was named an ACC champion in 2019, brought all of its data collection and data processing in-house.

As a result, the company found a way to host all of its litigation data at a single low fixed rate and found $2 million in savings.

Join ACC Europe and Exterro on this webinar to explore:

• Why an increasing number of legal departments are insourcing e-discovery
• Case studies from successful legal teams
• Taking a holistic approach to tackling Legal GRC objectives