Exterro: Where is my data? 5 Ways to improve your data discovery, mapping & compliance

19th March 2020 - Online

Understanding where your data is located across all your systems is an ever-evolving challenge but forms the bedrock of your data protection compliance.

If you don’t know where all your personal data is held it, or exactly what that data contains, this will impact your ability to react effectively to a data breach, respond compliantly to individual rights requests, keep your Record of Processing Activities up to date, and much more.

In this webinar, Exterro and the Data Protection Network have teamed up to explore how technology can help with data discovery & mapping. In just 45 minutes you will learn:

• What is ‘data discovery’ and why is it so vital?

• The importance of a robust Data Inventory to understand and map data assets

• Using your Data Inventory as the foundations of GDPR / DPA 2018 compliance

• What other benefits are there for other business stakeholders beyond the realms of data compliance?

• Practical tips from experienced data professionals.

Join Simon Blanchard, Deputy Chair DPN & Senior Associate at Opt-4, Jim Mittenthal, Vice President, Solutions Architect at Aon Cyber Solutions, Peter Farrell, Global Privacy Director at Unilever, and Stuart Davidson, European Marketing Director at Exterro (Moderator) to explore different ways to improve your data discovery, mapping and compliance activities.

You will also have the opportunity to ask your burning questions in a 15 minute Q&A session to follow the main discussion.