Exterro: Scaling Data Governance in Line with Business Growth

7th October 2020 - Online

Strong data governance involves getting the right people, processes and technologies in place that are needed to manage and protect the organisations data assets. It forms the basis for effective Legal GRC practices and makes the efficient use of trustworthy data possible.

The efficient and defensible management of data is an important task that requires centralised control mechanisms. You need to unite disconnected teams, shatter data and practice silos, and integrate all Legal GRC activities.

In doing so, you’ll unlock your organisations ability to scale its data governance in line with its growth goals – a critically important consideration when maintaining regulatory compliance and mitigating business risk exposed from data.

In this webinar, Exterro explore:

– The importance of a comprehensive data inventory

– Important data considerations for growing companies, including collaboration, legacy technologies, data retention and automation

– Future-proofing your Legal GRC (Governance, risk, and compliance) efforts