Exterro: Insourcing E-Discovery? The Benefits of Bringing Your E-Discovery Processes In-house

14th October 2020 - Online

Organisations can achieve substantial benefits from performing even part of the eDiscovery process in-house. They can reduce their external legal spend by relying on in-house teams to preserve, collect, and potentially even review electronically stored information (ESI). They gain transparency and predictability, including the ability to schedule and budget more accurately. And finally, they can reduce risk by ensuring that reasonable, defensible measures are taken promptly in response to potential litigation.

The Master’s Conference and Exterro will be joined by Gary Foster (Disputes & Investigations – Director at Alvarez & Marsal) and Amie Taal (CEO & Founder Stratagem Tech Solutions) to explore:

• The benefits of insourcing your e-discovery activities

• The importance of an effective Legal Hold (also known as litigation hold, document hold, hold order, or preservation order) process

• Why you need a single end-to-end technology platform

This is a European based webinar, scheduled for 2pm GMT Wednesday 14th October 2020.