Exterro: How to successfully manage complex DSARs

27th October 2020 - Online

The GDPR has increased people’s awareness of the right to access their personal data. As a result, the number and complexity of DSARs received from both customers and employees have increased over the past couple of years.

For business, the effort required to fulfil DSARs can feel overwhelming, especially if requests are complex or require a significant amount of manual work. In early 2020, in a survey of companies with more than 250 employees, Sapio Research, found it takes on average 83 hours to complete a DSAR and less than 50% are finished within the mandatory time limit of one calendar month.

In its latest report the ICO indicates 38% of complaints received are from people unhappy with how their access requests have been handled. It’s evident, while some have mastered their handling of DSARs, others are finding it a struggle.

Tune in on 27th October at 2pm GMT as we discuss handling complex DSARs in large and medium-sized organisations. We’ll delve into:

– How technology can help to seamlessly gather, authenticate, and route data requests

– Knowing how to respond and what to include

– Understanding if you are required or allowed to respond

– The challenges of data collection, review, and redaction

DPN have teamed up with Exterro for this webinar, so you can hear leading experts explain how businesses can really get to grips with this challenging topic. You will also have the opportunity to ask your burning questions in a 10-min Q&A session following the main discussion.