Exterro: 4 Questions for Privacy Professionals in 2020

16th April 2020 - Online

With 2020 well under way, privacy professionals around the globe face increasingly stringent requirements for managing personal and sensitive data due to many new and emerging privacy laws.

In addition to enforcement actions from government regulators, a carefully prepared privacy office should expect plaintiffs’ attorneys to exploit private rights of action, and new theories of liability to supercharge litigation against companies of all types and sizes.

It’s the duty of privacy professionals to ensure effective compliance, mitigate risks and protect your companies, and for this, you need to be up to date on the latest regulations and requirements.

Join us on this prerecorded webinar in partnership with the International Association for Privacy Professionals and learn about:

• The outlook for privacy regulations in 2020.

• The role of the privacy professional and working with internal stakeholders.

• 4 questions privacy professionals must address for success within their organisations.

Speaking on the panel will be superstars Rebecca Perry – Director of Strategic Partnerships at Exterro, Maureen Dry Wasson – Executive Director, Group General Counsel and Global Privacy Officer at Allegis Group and Major, Lindsey & Africa, and Alan L. Friel – Partner at Baker& Hostetler.