Exizent: Intro to The Cloud – Back to Basics

25th August 2021 - Online

Exizent is transforming the probate space. Our LegalTech software is paving the way, aiming to connect 3 audiences who struggle to communicate effectively and timely. Our cloud-based software aims to connect the data and services used by legal services firms, institutions, and executors to sort out what’s required to make the journey for the bereaved an easier one. The Exizent platform is an integral part of the bereavement landscape helping to reduce uncertainty, increase speed and overall, make the process more straight forward for everyone.

However, there is still some uncertainty around The Cloud; how does it work? Is it secure? Where is my case data stored?

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Key takeaways:

  • Cloud – what is it?
  • Security and risk management
  • The benefits of cloud software
  • Exizent’s delivery of software & what it means for our customers