Estate Research: How to Make a Good Private Client Firm a Fantastic Commercial Business

5th December 2023 - Online

The Bad News

  • Being good at the law does not make a great Private Client Firm?
  • What do clients really want?  Why do firms so often not understand?
  • Why change is critical – clients and competitors have power like never before.  Doing nothing is not an option and doing the wrong thing could destroy your business.

The Good News

  • Simple changes can make enormous differences.  You don’t need to rebuild your Private Client firm from the ground up and first-class legal practice remains the beating heart of any great Private Client firm.

What to Change and How to do it

  • What does success look like?   A simple question but how to ensure that the whole firm is lined up to deliver the firm’s goals.
  • How to properly align your firm’s legal process to fit your client’s expectations – you don’t need to change your business; just change the way you deliver it.  Some advice on what to do.
  • How to really focus on Marketing – it’s critical to success so how to make it critical to your business strategy.
  • Look at the business strategy – how to refocus the business plan and review objectives and the criteria that are measured.
  • Look at Value Based Pricing – put simply, fixed pricing can deliver huge client benefits, increase new business and improves retention and repeat business.