Dye & Durham: Climate Change and Conveyancing

26th April 2022 at 11:00 am - Online

Dye & Durham UK Insight & Data are delighted to bring you four brand-new webinars in association with Property Law UK. In this first session you will hear about the increasing significance of climate change in conveyancing, in particular the use of environmental searches. You will learn more about due diligence in the conveyancing process, what information is currently available and how should it be reported. Ian Quayle will also give tips and share good habits for reporting on Title.

Nicolien Van Zwieten, Geoscience Analyst, will explain the key features of Dye & Durham’s brand-new Climate Report and the benefits to the client and the conveyancer. The Climate Report is the first-of-its-kind tool that identifies a property’s future exposure to hazards arising from climate change such as soil-related subsidence, extreme wind events, coastal erosion, plus river, coastal and surface water flooding. All these hazards are reported to increase in occurrence and severity as our climate changes, and could affect the ability to insure, enjoy, use, and potentially sell the property in the years to come.

After the talk Nicolien and Ian will be available to answer your questions live. Everyone is welcome to this free talk, and we hope you take interesting facts and statistics away with you.

Insight & Data is an award-winning team within Dye & Durham UK, consolidating the environmental, ground, and cyber hazard knowledge of Future Climate Info (FCI), Terrafirma and Lawyer Checker. As well as hearing from climate and ground risk experts from Dye & Durham, joining the speakers on this series is Legal Training Consultant Ian Quayle, and Barrister Tom Graham.