DPS Software: How to achieve a paperless office [Webinar]

29th October 2020 - Online

Paper has never been more of a burden than it is now. With many firms working from home, the last thing you want is your dining room or kitchen filled with paper files.

Aside from the fact it’s a massive inconvenience to you, there’s also data protection and health & safety issues to take in to account. Not to mention the difficulties of working with a colleague on a case where only one of you has a copy of the file.

Even if you are still in the office, space is precious and the same risks are present. There’s also the danger that files could be lost or destroyed.

But there really is a simple solution – go paperless.

If you are currently fully paper-based, then yes, the initial transition to paperless will be difficult. But you’ll see immediate benefits.

You’ll save money with reduced postage and printing costs. Your team will be more productive as they don’t waste time printing and scanning documents. Fee earners will have more time for billable work as routine admin work is carried out automatically. And as everything is digital, it’s much easier to report on and get an audit trail for compliance.

But the biggest benefit you’ll receive is the flexibility and security of having everything stored in the cloud. With all of your documents stored in the cloud and accessed through your web browser, your staff can work from anywhere on any device. Staff can collaborate easily and your firm can continue working whatever happens.

To see how this works in practice with DPS Spitfire, join us on our free webinar at 11am on Thursday 29th October.


  • Automated Paperless onboarding
  • The electronic file
  • Workflows and forms
  • Sending documents to clients
  • Receiving documents from third parties
  • Case Study
  • Q&A