DG Legal: Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Potential of Review Websites for Legal Firms

27th February 2024 at 1:00 pm - Online

In this free 1 hour webinar, David Gilmore of DG Legal, Roy Magara of Magara Law, Graham Wilkinson of Trustpilot and Saleem Arif and Adam Hall of ReviewSolicitors will be discussing:

  • Maximising Sales: Uncover the powerful impact of review sites on business growth
  • Building Positivity: Strategies for cultivating positive reviews and enhancing your online reputation
  • Negative Review Management: Learn effective approaches to address and mitigate negative feedback
  • Collecting Reviews: Practical tips on encouraging and gathering valuable client feedback
  • Integration on Your Website: Explore seamless ways to showcase reviews on your online platforms
  • Transparency Matters: Understand the critical role of review transparency in the legal sector

This webinar is aimed at legal practitioners and those working with them. This webinar is especially relevant for those that are responsible for new leads and compliance.