DG Legal: The Easiest Way For Law Firms To Attract New Clients

18th March 2021 - Online

In this Zoom, in association with DG Legal, I will be exploring the easiest and fastest method for solicitors to attract new clients to their law firm.

I have been marketing legal services full time since 2003, and nearly all of my clients use this method every month to grow their firms, for one reason and one reason only: it pays for itself many times over.

However, I know from my dozens of calls with law firm owners that a lot of solicitors are very wary of it.

Many have tried it and had their fingers burned.

Some believe that it simply doesn’t work, because they never use this type of marketing when they are looking for products or services.

Others put a very small amount of marketing budget to it every month, but they are not sure whether it makes a difference or not.

On this Zoom call, I will explain why this method of marketing works so well, and will also highlight all of the issues which usually lead to the problems discussed aired in each of the three situations above.

I will show you how some of my clients generate more than a thirty to one return on investment from their marketing spend (which very few other marketing tactics can touch).

What is this marketing method?

Google Ads, or Pay Per Click marketing, is the method in question.

Whatever your views on Google Ads to this point, I urge you to join me on this Zoom so I can ensure that you are not missing out on a golden opportunity to grow your law firm quickly and cost effectively.

For a marketing man like me, it is the Holy Grail of marketing, in that you only pay for it IF AND WHEN someone clicks on your advertisement (arrives at your website).

If your website is set up well to receive these visitors, the next step is that your telephone rings more: often a lot more.

So please join David and I on the webinar and let me explain the following:

  • Why this marketing tactic is so successful for most of my clients;
  • Where most advertisers go wrong with Google Ads (and spend far more than they should for the wrong type of visitors to their website);
  • What you must do before considering starting a Google Ads campaign (which most Google Ads agencies do not even mention); and
  • How to almost guarantee the success of your Google Ads investment.