DG Legal: Managing Trafficking / Modern Slavery Claims

6th April 2021 - Online

In this free 1 hour webinar, Lucy Mair of Garden Court North Chambers will provide practical, up to date information on best practices based upon recent case law and policy guidance, including:

– Challenging negative NRM decisions: We will review common reasons for negative decisions to be made at both RG and CG stages and how these can best be challenged;
– Competing remedies: requests for reconsideration; judicial review and asylum appeals: We will discuss the various alternative remedies when a negative NRM decision has been made and the relative merits of pursuing each one;
Overlapping trafficking and asylum claims: We will discuss how to build the most effective asylum claim for victims of modern slavery including gathering evidence; the role of vulnerability/ personal circumstances; the relevance of medical and country experts; and preparing legal submissions for appeal. We will discuss how a negative NRM decision can impact upon an asylum claim and the duties of the immigration tribunal in these cases.

A recording of the webinar will be provided to everyone that registers for the webinar.

This webinar is aimed at legal practitioners and those working with them.