DG Legal: Judicial Review and Refusal of Naturalisation on Good Character Grounds Webinar: Parts 1 and 2

8th October 2024 - 22nd October 2024 at 1:00 pm - Online

In this free 2 part webinar series, leading practitioners Eric Fripp and Amy Childs of 36 Public and Human Rights,The 36 Group, outline the parameters for refusal of British nationality on the basis of lack of ‘good character’, how to anticipate issues, and how to contest refusals.

Part 1will be held on Tuesday 8 October 2024 and covers ‘good character’ decisions based on deception/dishonesty, financial soundness, immigration related acts/omissions, or past deprivation of nationality.

Part 2 will be held on 22 October 2024 and covers ‘good character’ decisions based on criminality, linkage to international crime or terrorism, and ‘notoriety’.


This webinar is aimed at legal practitioners and those working with them, with an assumed basic knowledge of the topic area.