DG Legal: Compliance Officer For Legal Practice (COLP) Masterclass Course

8th May 2024 at 10:30 am - Online

The COLP role goes beyond just ensuring your firm follows the rules in the SRA Standards and Regulations, it also comes with a personal accountability factor that demands your attention.

Fear not! This 3 hour course will usher you through the intricacies of being a COLP, ensuring you not only meet but excel in your regulatory obligations.

The course will cover:

  • Navigating the Regulatory Landscape: Understanding the Framework for COLPs
    Dive into the intricate regulatory framework that Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs) operate under.
  • Shouldering the Responsibility: Unpacking the Duties of a COLP
    Explore the multifaceted responsibilities that come with the role of a COLP.
  • Choosing the Right Leader: Identifying the Ideal COLP Candidate
    Learn the criteria for selecting the most suitable individual to take on the crucial role of COLP.
  • Cracking the Codes: Key Elements of Codes and SRA Principles
    Delve into the essential components of the Codes and SRA Principles that form the backbone of legal compliance.
  • Building a Robust Foundation: Understanding Compliance Systems for All Firms
    Explore the concept of compliance systems, what they entail, and why every firm should have one in place.
  • Reporting Matters: Recognising ‘Serious’ Issues, SRA Enforcement Strategy, and Reporting Protocols
    Uncover the definition of ‘serious’ matters, grasp the SRA Enforcement Strategy, and gain practical insights on making effective reports to the SRA.
  • Paper Trails Matter: Effective Record Keeping, Including Non-material Breaches
    Master the art of comprehensive record-keeping, including strategies for recording non-material breaches, and understand why it’s integral to compliance.
  • Personal Liability: Understanding and Mitigating Risks
    Navigate the landscape of personal liability for COLPs and develop strategies to mitigate associated risks.
  • Staying Ahead: Keeping Abreast of Regulatory Changes and Guidance
    Develop effective strategies for staying up to date with dynamic regulatory changes and evolving guidance.
  • Planning for Compliance: Crafting a Robust Strategy, Assessing Risk, and File Reviewing
    Formulate a comprehensive plan for tackling compliance, including risk assessment, maintaining risk registers, and implementing effective file reviewing.
  • Across the Board: Legal and Regulatory Compliance Areas Every COLP Must Master
    Gain a high-level overview of crucial legal and regulatory compliance areas, including AML, transparency rules, and other pivotal aspects that demand the attention of all COLPs.


Target Audience

This online course is suitable for those new to the COLP role, or those supporting the COLP and for those that would like a refresher of the role and their responsibilities.