Clio: The Making of a Law Firm Series: Time Management for a Better Work-Life Balance

24th November 2021 at 11:00 am - Online

When it comes to running your own law firm and serving clients, it can feel like the work is never done. For the sake of your wellbeing, though, and that of every member of your team, finding the right time management solutions to ensure a healthy work-life balance is essential.

That’s why, for the tenth episode of The Making of a Law Firm Series, Clio’s UK Community Manager, Geraldine O’Reilly, will be joined by three of our law firm leaders, Natalie Foster, Founder at Foster Clay Law, Elena Manukyan, Partner at The Injury Solicitor, and Alistair Wells, Founder and Director at Tend Legal. We will also be joined by a special guest, Tania Cuturi, Founder & ACC Executive Coach NCP.


In this free online session, our panel will talk about the important points of how to manage your time and schedule for an optimal work-life balance.

Join us for this free and live event and get the opportunity to ask your questions too!