BARBRI Altior: Civil Litigation

5th March 2021 - Online

Where: Live Online

This one-day course is designed for busy practitioners and updates on key advances in civil procedure and considers the application of recent case law and legislative reforms to day-to-day practical issues.

This course seeks to enable you to run a lean, efficient practice, through a firm understanding of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and how the rules can be used to your practical advantage. Rather than a bland recital of the rules and the changes therein, this course looks at how you can develop strategies for winning cases, by using a tactical approach to the CPR.

Unlike many litigation courses, this course does not concentrate on only one side of the dispute and, as such, is equally useful to both Claimant and Defendant specialists.  You will develop a more rounded approach to litigation, by considering both sides of the case.

 Key Benefits:

  • Experienced trainers, who are all former or current practitioners in this area of law
  • Practical advice on how to apply skills learned during training
  • A condensed timetable, specifically designed for busy practitioners
  • Tactical considerations from both the Claimant and Defendant points-of-view.