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Certainty Expert Webinars: Making your Will Files Bullet Proof

Certainty Expert Webinar presents Michael Culver, Partner, Bolt Burdon

We’re pleased to welcome Michael Culver, Partner at Bolt Burdon who will be presenting our next Certainty Expert Webinar on Tuesday 18th August at 12.00pm, titled ‘Making your Will Files Bullet Proof: Top tips to ensure your more difficult Will clients involving capacity issues or contentious family matters will stand up to scrutiny following a Larke v Nugus request’.

If you’ve ever received a Larke v Nugus request about a Will you or your firm have drafted, you will have experienced that momentary feeling of dread whilst you request the file from your archive and examine the contents. Is this water tight? Are there any grounds upon which a challenge or a complaint can be raised? Did I fully follow the correct procedure.? The truth is, it’s very easy for busy practitioners to overlook issues that could arise later. This may become increasingly apparent given that Will can currently be made using electronic means. During this webinar we will examine a fictional case study of a Will file that is now being contested post death with the intent being to show you what not to do. The steps you should take if you receive such a request and some top tips before, during and after the Will making process to help ensure your files stand up to scrutiny and how best to manage making a Will using electronic digital means.

Webinar Agenda: