Certainty Expert Webinars: Lockdown drives surge of contentious Probate Cases – Changes and Trends

25th November 2020 - Online

We’re pleased to welcome Martin Oliver, Partner and Katie Alsop, Partner at Wright Hassall who will be presenting our next Certainty Expert Webinar, titled ‘Lockdown Drives Surge of Contentious Probate Cases: Changes and Trends’.

In this webinar we will examine the surge in contentious probate cases which has come about as a result of ‘Lockdown’ and the trends that we have seen to date. Given the recent announcement of the second ‘Lockdown’ we will consider if these trends are likely to continue. The webinar will also deal with examining the various funding options for matters where parties are now, more than ever, working with a limited budget.

Webinar Agenda:

  • The impact of the first lockdown and the increased level of work this has produced, and a discussion about possible reasons for this.
  • The types of work which we have seen both increase and decrease; and projections for the impact of the second lockdown.
  • Recent contentious probate case law updates which may have encouraged parties to seek legal advice.
  • Funding options during a pandemic.
  • Q & A.

Join us for our next free Certainty Expert Webinar on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 12.00pm. Places on the webinar are limited so book now.