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Certainty Expert Webinar presents Deprivation of Liberty: Issues for property affairs deputies and attorneys

We’re pleased to welcome Alex Cisneros, Barrister at Outer Temple Chambers who will be presenting our first Certainty Expert Webinar of the year on Wednesday 3rd February 2021, titled ‘Deprivation of Liberty: Issues for property affairs deputies and attorneys’.

The webinar will be looking at an unusual topic for those involved in managing other people’s financial affairs – deprivation of liberty.

The seminar will look at what a deprivation of liberty is and when a property and affairs deputy might find themselves having to think about it. This will include an update on the implementation of this new framework for authorisation deprivations of liberty in England and Wales.

It will explore the obligations on property and affairs deputies to both report their concerns to other people and to ensure that the incapacitated individual’s best interests are being looked after. As always, the seminar will emphasise the importance of obtaining a person’s wishes and feelings (particularly in this instance regarding any wish to maintain their own home) and how searching for a Will is a good place to start.

The seminar will also touch on the mechanism for bringing a claim for financial compensation for an unlawful deprivation of liberty.

Webinar Agenda:

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