Briefed: ChatGPT & AI Workshop: What does this mean for barristers, chambers & law firms?

28th November 2023 at 5:00 pm - Online

With AI technology being rapidly introduced to workplaces across the legal sector, it is increasingly important for those working in chambers or law firms to understand both the risk and opportunity that this presents.

  • See ChatGPT in action with real barristers & clerking scenarios in a live demo.
  • AI & lawyers – examples of where it has already gone wrong.
  • Examine potential opportunities that ChatGPT & other AI tools present to barristers & chambers.
  • Examine the risks and limitations of ChatGPT when used by your team.
  • Listen to real-time barrister feedback and insights from various areas of law.
  • Explore the future of ChatGPT and AI within Chambers.

This topic is highly relevant in light of the recent AI Summit, which aimed to address the ethical concerns surrounding the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence. Our recent article delves into the key discussion points raised during the summit.