BARBRI Altior: Criminal Cross-Examination

26th April 2021 - Online

An interactive course to provide confidence in conducting cross-examination of witnesses in a criminal trial. Delegates are presented with techniques and methods of preparation for questioning witnesses with the guidance given on how to avoid pitfalls in court.

Cross-examination of witnesses by the delegates within the context of a trial process is discussed with constructive analysis and feedback. Delegates can also review a recording of their performance following the session.

Key benefits include:

  • Use effective questioning techniques
  • Understand the impact of their communication style
  • Be aware of the importance of active listening
  • Demonstrate confidence and assertiveness to tackle any witness
  • Challenge evidence in a coherent and organised manner
  • Recognise supportive facts to be obtained from a witness
  • Identify key areas to be addressed in cross-examination, highlighting what the advocate would ideally like to say about the witness in a closing speech.