BARBRI Altior: CILEX Advocacy – Family

15th March 2021 - Online

Aimed at those looking to practice as advocates in the Family Court, this five-day course focuses on ensuring that you can complete your advocacy qualification.

The course ensures that you gain a sound understanding of the rules of evidence, the Family Procedure Rules, drafting Skeleton Arguments and the purpose of Examination-in-Chief, Cross-Examination and Re-Examination.

The course covers applications under the Family Law Act 1996, as well as proceedings under the Child Arrangements Programme and financial remedy applications. Successful completion of the course requires you to undertake an oral Advocacy Skills assessment, together with an online Evidence, Procedure & Ethics assessment.

Key Benefits:

  • Attendance will provide you with an introduction to the practices and procedures of the Family Court
  • You will gain confidence in being able to undertake cases, in respect of an application for Child Arrangements Orders, Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders
  • You will feel supported in gaining an understanding of the essential skills required to represent children and families in the Family Court
  • You will be given, and learn from, practical examples, provided by experienced practitioners.

Please note the following dates:

Training – 15th-19th March 2021

Online written assessment – 22nd March 2021