BARBRI Altior: CILEX Advocacy – Criminal

1st February 2021 - Online

BARBRI Altior is currently the only training provider authorised by CILEx Regulation to deliver a qualification scheme that allows you to gain litigation practice rights in criminal proceedings in England and Wales.

In order to become qualified as a CILEx Litigator and Chartered Legal Executive Advocate you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding, experience and skills in criminal litigation and advocacy.

This course will provide sufficient support that will assist you in completing and passing the advocacy skills course in the practice area in which you seek rights. Courses in criminal advocacy rights will take 6 days.

 Key Benefits:

As a CILEx Litigator you can:

  • Provide the full range of litigation services to your clients in your area of law – without supervision
  • Undertake advocacy for your clients
  • Be recognised as a competent practitioner
  • Use the title CILEx Litigator and Chartered Legal Executive Advocate
  • Apply to CILEx Regulation for authorisation to set up your own regulated business offering litigation services.
  • Be part of a recognised and regulated community, with the assurance that your clients, you and your business are protected by independent regulation.

Please note the following dates:

Training – 1st – 5th February 2021

Online written assessment – 8th February 2021