Access Legal: Let’s talk AML

21st July 2021 at 12:30 pm - Online

Access Legal’s Regulatory Director, Brian Rogers, sits down with Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Consultant, Bill Jones, to talk all things AML

Protect your firm from money launderers

With law firms a key target for money launderers, it is vitally important that firms have the correct procedures in place and know how to spot and deal with money laundering when they encounter it.

In July’s session, Brian and Bill will be discussing:

  • Preparing for an SRA AML audit – what staff and compliance officers need to know.
  • SAR reporting – latest statistics from the NCA and when and how external  reports should be made.
  • The law and practice as it relates to the 3 principal money laundering offences and the statutory defences.
  • Avoiding “tipping off”

Join us for this special one hour webinar as our Regulatory Director, Brian Rogers, chats with AML and Financial Crime Consultant Bill Jones about all things AML in what is sure to be an insightful, interesting session.