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LexisNexis: The equation has shifted – clients now hold the power – June 2018

Date: Wednesday 20th June 2018.
Time: 9.00am Coffee and Registration, with a 12.30 close.
Venue: Devere Holborn Bars, 138-142 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW

During our time we will explore:

– How can you personally play a central role in being the architect of innovation within your organisation?

– How can you use the Trust Equation to better understand how to drive internal engagement and influence your key stakeholders?

– What type of listening is required to ensure your transformation projects are fit for purpose, both internally and externally?

– How can you build and deepen client trust in an era where law firm churn and frequent panel reviews seem ever more common?

– How can technology enable you to respond to the needs/wants of your clients?

The forum is designed in a way to ensure that you can take practical conclusions back to your firms. We do hope you can join us. 

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DPS Software: Web Based Case Management – June 2018

When: 21st June 2018 at 11:00am – 12:00pm

Your case management is arriving to your iPad and browser via our new product called Spitfire. DPS Spitfire has been specifically designed for you to utilise the core functions of our case management software from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

DPS Spitfire is designed to allow your fee earners to record time, create attendance notes, create emails and view file history using all mobile devices.

Your DPS Spitfire login can be used across multiple devices. If at any time your office is inaccessible then you are able to access your matters using DPS Spitfire. This is the easiest way to work remotely and on the go.

Financial information such as the ledger card, bills, billing requests and billing guides will allow you to have the full picture when it comes to the finances on the matter. There are graphs and KPI’s that will allow you to track an employee or your own personal growth.

As DPS Software is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company you can rest assured that security is of the utmost importance. Your caseload will be accessible at all times providing that you are able to provide the two factor authentications which will be covered in the webinar.

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Thames Water Property Searches: Commercial CPD – June 2018

When: Thursday 21st June at 9:00am – 4:00pm

Thames Water Property Searches are hosting a free informative and interactive legal Commercial CPD on Thursday 21 June at the Metro Bank Holborn in London.

The full day (9am until 4pm) event incorporates a range of topics from leading industry organisations and speakers including:

Jan Boothroyd – Authoritative Data, National Land Information Service (NLIS) and an update on Local Authority searches – Land Data

Paul Addison – How to avoid being sued for £2 million, providing an insightful talk about the planning system and how location and development risks can be exposed before purchase – DevAssist

Mark Taylor – Providing key information and details to inform internal decision making processes on which report best suits you as a firm, based upon the sensitivity of the transaction type, and the clients you provide services for – Argyll Environmental

Hannah Mackinlay – Afternoon workshop session focusing on Environmental considerations, Drainage and Water infrastructure, Easements and Highway robbery –

Register today to secure your place. Each CPD event is open to two fee earners per firm.

Certainty Webinars: The SRA’s Looking to the Future Consultations – June 2018

Presenters: Helen Glaze, Legal Eye

Date & Time: Thursday 28th June 2018 at 12.00pm

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We are delighted to welcome this month’s speaker Helen Glaze from Legal Eye to the next instalment of Certainty Expert Webinars.

The world of compliance moves quickly and it is often challenging for busy practitioners to keep up-to-date with all the changes and proposed changes. The SRA are intending to make significant changes which their Looking to the Future consultations have addressed.

Join our webinar on Thursday 28th June 2018 at 12.00pm to hear Helen highlight the key proposed changes, including:

– Reforms to the SRA Handbook and revised enforcement strategy;

– What “better information, more choice” could mean for you as a law firm; and

– Whether innovation and compliance can co-exist.

– Q&A

Please join us for our highly informative, complimentary 1 hour webinar. Places are limited so register for the webinar now.

Landmark Information: Highways and Utilities reports – July 2018

When: Tuesday 3rd July at 12:00pm

Programme content:

Designed for Commercial or residential transactions.

Enquiries in line with the requirements of the leading Property Law firms. 

Provides the answers to questions required by the LPSLG and APSL groups who represent the Top 100 Law firms. 

Identifies the location and type of road works along with which utility is responsible. 

Includes: Local authority data, Highways Agency data, Ordnance Survey data. 

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DPS Software: How DPS Can Help You Achieve The Paper Lite Office – July 2018

When: 5th July 2018 at 11:00am – 12:00pm

The Paper Lite office is a target for the modern businesses and now in the legal profession it is possible due to the courts movement to utilise technology.  Your Paper Lite office will save you money in the long term as your needs for lots of different printers, ink cartridges and paper will be reduced.

DPS Software has helped our clients move to a Paper Lite office. Find out how your transition to a Paper Lite office can be powered by your DPS case management software.

You will discover the success stories as well as the news articles that can help your business achieve a Paper Lite Office. Find out which DPS integrations as well as features will make the transition as smooth as possible. You are part of our community so please take advantage of our expertise to guide you into the Paper Lite era.

This webinar is a must for anyone interested in the Paper Lite movement. The time of the mounds of paper on desks and in filing cabinets is ending. The digital age is dawning and the need for printing still exists, however it is not needed to the extent it once was. Your firm is already in the legal software movement, why not join us in the Paper Lite revolution!

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Landmark Information: Which Commercial Report? – Sept 2018

When: Tuesday 4th September at 12:00pm

Programme content: 

Why we do searches – Law Society compliance. 

Breakdown the content of the reports – What data & information is included within environmental, flood and other risk reports? 

Which reports to select and when.

Matching the right commercial reports for the right transaction.

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Landmark Information: Managing Flood Risk In Property Transactions – Oct 2018

When: Tuesday 2nd October at 12:00pm

Programme Content: 

The nature of flood risk – the scale and why it matters to clients. 

The main types of flooding compliance, guidance and the Law Society Flood Risk Practice Note. 

The potential impact on a transaction. 

Current status of insurance –including the Flood Re scheme. 

Flood resistance and resilience. 

Flood data and reports.

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Landmark Information: Which Residential Report? – Nov 2018

When: Tuesday 6th November at 12:00pm

Programme content:

Why we do searches – Law Society compliance, avoiding traps and ‘nasty surprises’. 

Breakdown the content of the reports – What data & information is included within environmental, flood and other risk reports? 

Which reports to select and when. 

Matching the right reports for the right transaction.

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Landmark Information: Planning Risks In Residential Conveyancing – Dec 2018

When: Tuesday 11th December at 12:00pm

Programme content:

Understanding planning issues in residential/commercial transactions. 

Planning policy and legislation. 

Planning information available – applications, land use designations. 

How Landmark planning reports can provide practical information to help you and your clients.

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